Saturday, November 20, 2004

20 Nov 1914 - Recruitment of 2nd Div Train

In late November, the three C.A.S.C. units located in M.D.10, which comprised No. 11 & No. 18 Companies from Winnipeg, and No. 20 Company from Regina, Saskatchewan, were ordered to recruit a unit designed to operate as No. 3 Company of the 2nd Divisional Train. Captain H.J. Freeman, and Lieutenants E.O. Leadley, J.R.C. Stanley, R.A. Laird and J. Sharing became the officers of the unit. In the mean time, No. 18 Company moved its headquarters to the dairy building of the old agricultural college (later Tuxedo Barracks) for a couple of months.

In a letter dated February 1915, Leslie was shown as being from "McFadden Barracks, Winnipeg." However, no other record of such a place has been found, and it may well have been an error.

Anon - The A.S.C. in M.D.10, Post-war typescript report, Courtesy of Bruce Tascona
Address on letter dated 23 Feb 1915, Collection of C.B. Payne


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